Southlit Supplement

As from 2015, Southlit has been combined with its far larger sister publication, Eastlit. Southlit Supplement will be published in each issue of Eastlit.

This exposes our South Asian contributors to a far greater readership than we could offer through Southlit alone. It also means the obvious cultural connections across East, Southeast and South Asia remain connected rather than split. However, to acknowledge its unique beginning, the South Asian work will be in a special Southlit Supplement included in each issue of Eastlit. This supplement will have its own slightly different look and feel to the rest of the Eastlit production.

Head over to Eastlit and take a look at the Southlit Supplement in the current or recent issues of Eastlit. See what you think.

In the meantime, the Southlit site will continue to be supported and hosted, so that no work is ever lost.

I hope that our readers and contributors continue to support us in our aim of supporting work focused on Asia and especially the work of new local talents.



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