For the Sake of Heavens & Land of the Pure

by Arif Ahmad

For the Sake of Heavens

“The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”


The world bleeds around this most chronic ill
The mother of all conflicts
For such little space, a tiny area on the map
The history of hatred is mind-boggling
The central issue, the bottom line, is NOT ENOUGH LAND,
LAND which the World can help create over the sea
Or little some the expansive neighbors can graciously add

If Abraham was to come alive today
Would he not gather his entire family and probably say
“Do it over, do it better, step it up.”
“Come on people, get your act together, enough is enough.”
Would his say in this day still carry any weight?

Moses, Jesus, Muhammad
How do I feel they are faring up there?
How do you think they are holding out?
Content, ecstatic, full of joy?
Or disappointed, dejected, thoroughly annoyed?

You are so wrong, I am so right
And together we create
For the sake of heavens, for heaven’s sake
Unending bloodshed, this never ending plight
Never pausing, never thinking
That at the end of the day
It is the same genes, the same blood on both sides of the aisle
One Big Unhappy Family
Where misery is shared and so is the destiny


Land of the Pure


Are you that Nation, of the Pak, of the Pure
With a crescent, a star, some green n white
Are you that Nation of character and mature
Do you have what it takes to excel, to excite

Are you one Nation or just some people
Where at, are your motivation, your morale
Reveal your purpose, are you truly able
For you are that Nation, of Jinnah, of Iqbal

Apathy no way, never your own nemesis
What goes around does come around
Stand tall and deliver on your promises
Enough of the pulling each other down

I am your lost son on my ongoing journey
I am arrived, body at ease, my mind at rest
Yet I stay in your dance, in your symphony
Look around for I am still there, I never left



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