Southlit Writers July 2014

The list of Southlit writers July 2014 is alphabetical by first name.

Archana Desai

Archana Desai is a writer and a poet based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Her short story has appeared in the Chicken Soup Series, Indian Mother‘s Soul. She works as the administrator of Impart Art Academy an institute that offers art coaching by professional artists. Writing for her is a stress buster and she has been passionately pursuing it for the last four years. Her works also feature on ‘’.

Arif Ahmad

Arif Ahmad is a Pakistani American cardiologist in practice in Wisconsin. Professionally He is a Fellow of American College of Cardiology and Fellow of Heart Rhythm Society. He likes outdoors and writing.

He does write a blog at

Avik Ghosh

Avik Ghosh is still a student, doing major in Computer Science and who is going to be an Engineering graduate a year hence.
He is pretty passionate about writing. He lays his pen not only in creative stuff like poems and short stories, he develops Technical and Non-technical articles as well.
He doesn’t claim to be a poet neither a writer, he just make chronicles out of his pain, pleasure, depression, elation, short comings and whatever state his mind gets to go through, to sum up.
He had been a guest writer for a couple of media portals. His niche of writings haven’t got any bounds, he pen downs whatever he gets to connect with, and he conglomerate the fragmented ideas that pop up in his mind.
He doesn’t only stick to English, he indites in his mother tongue Bengali as well to employ his creative faculties.
In the meanwhile, he is trying his hands in writing a novel, which is going to be more of a personal monologue.
It is still at a very nascent stage, and might need a quite a lot of time to get matured. On the other hand, Avik is a musician as well.
He loves to play his guitar(s) and compose songs out of his chronicles.

Bob D’Costa

Bob D’Costa:Poet, author educationistand a maverick;author of four books of poems, A Brutal Sunset, The Ten Commandments, Gods on Earth, Dark Roots writing on love, protest, social issues and quest into philosophy; Genres of novels are literary fiction, romance, mystery, paranormal and partly psychological. The novel, Love and Life in a Changing City in paperback form, and No New Mail but Mail from a New Girland Bruce and Rachnee… diary entry of lovers after death and Love Story of Bruce and Rachnee in e-book form.

Bob’s poems are real poetry, poetry of Walt Whitman, Pablo Neruda, Majaz, Mayakovsky, Sardar Jaffri, Faiz Ahmed Faiz.– K. A. Abbas

Bob D’Costa is Frederick Lorca of India. – Late Dr. Krishna Srinivas, Co-founder, World Congress of Poets

Bob D’Costa’s poems can be compared to the poems of Bob Dylan. — Rosemary C. Wilkinson, Secretary, World Academy of Arts and Culture, California

Bob gives poetry readings at gatherings and takes writers for retreats in the lap of nature. He is also one of the founding members of Asia Pacific Writers & Translators Association.

Bob teaches English to students from Classes IV-XII, English for SAT and is also a Counsellor to students going for higher studies to the US.

Bob’s book Lost can be found at:

Dr. Bani Dyal Dhir

Dr. Bani Dayal Dhir is Assistant Professor in the Department of English Studies ,Dayalbagh Educational Institute (Deemed University ) Agra , India.  Recipient of the Institute’s prestigious Director’s  medal  in  BA Hons. (English ), MA (English ) and  M.Phil.(English )programmes, her primary research interests include  Literary theory, Systems Theory  and Consciousness studies. Her   research endeavours explore  the  application  of Generalized Physical Systems Theory Modelling , Interpretive Structural Modelling ,Quantum Theory and science of consciousness  in the  analysis of literature. Some of her notable contributions  include “ Graph Theoretic Field Modelling for Multi- Dimensional Literary Systems” (M.Phil dissertation ) , “A Study of Emergentism and High End Complexity in Complex Literary Systems” (PhD thesis). In recognition of her contribution to research in   Systems  Theory  and literature, the Systems Society of India honoured  her with National Young Systems Scientist award at the Joint International Conference on Applied Systems Research (ASR) and. XXXIII National Systems Conference Joint International Conference in 2009. She has presented papers at various international and national conferences and won several best paper awards. She has presented papers at Toward a Science of Consciousness, Arizona, USA  consecutively for 3 years. Her recent paper presented at Arizona  was“ Formulating Generalized Metarationalistic Model of States of Consciousness and Seasonal Rhythm : A study with reference to Oriental Radhasoami Spiritual Philosophy, Christianity and Cultural Anthropology.” She has to her credit several   research  publications  in international   journals like International Journal of General Systems , Literary Paritantra (Systems ): An International Journal on Literature and Theory , Paritantra : A Journal of Systems Society of India, Consciousness ,Literature and Arts ;Lincoln University UK  etc. Her poems have also appeared in magazines and journals. She was the co-convener of the esteemed conference  Toward a Science of Consciousness- 2013  held at  Dayalbagh Educational Institute , Agra, India. She is  Associate Editor  of  Literary Paritantra (Systems ): An International Journal on Literature and Theory,  editor of Flights of Imagination : A Magazine of Creative Writing, coordinator Multimedia Digital language Laboratory DEI , Joint Coordinator Center for Consciousness Studies, DEI  and life member of Systems Society of India. She was the coordinator of  East –West Forum at TSC 2014 held at  Center for Consciousness Studies ,Arizona, USA .

Kislay Chuan

Kislay Chauhan is a writer who has degree in Computer Science. His poems have been published in many reviews, journals and magazines. Some of them are – Fowl Feathered Review, The Artistic Muse Poetry, Eastlit, Earthborne, Out of Our, Nano Nastrovia Poetry, Melbrake etc. He has written five poetry books “ Takhir,” “ The Vague,” “ Once And For All,” “The Edges Of The Spirit” and “Infinity”.

Kousil Adhikari

Kousik Adhikari is a research scholar. His widely published work consisting of critical essays, translations and creative writings now stands at over fifty. His poems are published in such reputed journals like Indian Review, The Literary Yard, The Applicant, Indian Ruminations etc.

Kritika Mishra

Kritika Mishra is a twenty one year old girl from the holy city of Allahabad, India. She is currently doing her bachelors in Biotechnology. She likes to write about the ethos and culture of her native land, India.

She has submitted a piece of non fiction named ‘ A journey through the bazaar’. It talks about the explorations about life that one can make while travelling through the Indian Bazaars.

Her work named ‘Beyond the Boundaries’ has previously been published in the February issue of the Eastlit journal.

Manoshij Banerjee

Manoshij Banerjee is an undergraduate in Physics, currently doing his Master’s, with declining interest in scientific research. He wishes to do a Creative Writing course in the years to come.

Nirmala Pillai

Nirmala Pillai a graduate in Microbiology and post graduate in English Literature. She has also done her post graduate Diploma in journalism.

She has published two books of poems in English and a number of poems and short stories in various magazines in India like PEN, The Asian Age, Indian Literature, Bare Root review from Minnesota University, Poetry Can, UK [Poetry Southwest]. Kritya, The Telegraph, The Little Magazine, Cha; an Asian literary journal from HONG-KONG etc. Her short story was nominated for ‘Best of the net 2009 by Cha an Asian literary journal. Her short story was short listed for the South Asian Award by The Little magazine published from Delhi.

She paints. She has held painting exhibitions in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Cochin etc.

Preeyakit Buranasin

Writer on weekdays and English teacher on weekends, Preeyakit has a bachelor’s in English and a master’s in English Literature. During his studies, he started writing both in prose and poetry, resulting in works in various genres. He’s an Ananchanok Poetry Award recipient. In addition, he’s a member of Bangkok Community Theatre.

Rana Junaid Mustafa Gohar

Rana Junaid Mustafa Gohar is a graduate engineer, translator, columnist, editor and blogger. He has been English editor of annual and monthly magazine of University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan (UET) for four years. He writes in dailies of Pakistan.

Renee Lulam

Renee Lulam is an independent researcher from Shillong, India. She has a fascination for narratives of all kinds, and collects stories wherever she goes. Sometimes, she writes her own. With a Masters in Comparative Literature, she has a special interest in stories that come from small, struggling communities in the borderlands of the North Eastern region of India, and how they resonate with narratives from small communities elsewhere. The experience and narratives of women in these communities especially inspire her.

Rudy Ravindra

Rudy Ravindra attended the Iowa Writers’ Summer Workshop. His prose has appeared in a few online magazines. He lives in Wilmington, North Carolina. More at:

Sushant Supriye

Born on 28.03.1968 .  Sushant Supiye had his school education from St. Francis school, Amritsar( Punjab) and graduation from D.A.V. College, Amritsar .Topped in G.N.D. University , Amritsar, in Pre-University, B.A. ( English) Honours, and M.A.( English ). Also topped in University of Delhi in M.A. ( Linguistics ). Was lecturer in English for a few years in D.A.V. College, Jalandhar .
Sushant’s short-stories and poems have been published in several literary magazines and national newspapers in English. He has to his credit a poetry-anthology titled ” In Gandhi’s Country “.
His short story collection in English titled ” The  Fifth Direction” is in press. Sushant is also an acclaimed writer and poet in Hindi . Has to his credit two short-story collections in Hindi titled ‘ Hatyare ‘ ( 2010) and ‘ He Ram ‘ ( 2012 ) ,  and one poetry-collection in Hindi titled ‘ Ek Boond Yah Bhi ” ( 2014 ).
Sushant presently works as a senior officer in a Government organisation. He lives with his wife Dr. Leena and two children Vinaayak and Aanya in Delhi ( India ).

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