Southlit July 2014 Content

Table of Content: Southlit July 2014

We hope you enjoy the creative writing in the July 2014 issue of Southlit as much as we did.

Southlit Cover: The July 2014 cover features The Maldives by Matt Adcock. The cover of the July 2014 issue of Southlit was designed by Graham Lawrence.

The Optimist, Fundamentally One & Two Other Poems by Arif Ahmad.

Gullotine 377 by Manoshij Banerjee.

Gridlock and Others by Renee Lulam.

The Girl with the Monsoon Eyes by Nirmala Pillai. An extract from the unfinished novel A Touch of Flight.

Two Quiet Pictures and Two Other Poems by Kislay Chuan.

Together and Jubilant by Archana Desai.

Quite Strange Ain’t it? and Three Other Poems by Avik Ghosh.

Seeing is Believing by Dr. Bani Dayal Dhir.

Bhootnath by Sushant Supriye. English translation of Sushant Supriye’s short-story भूतनाथ.

Salt, Apple and the Cat plus Three More Poems by Kousik Adhikari.

Primogeniture by Rudy Ravindra.

Nostalgia and the Past by Bob D’Costa. The first two chapters of the novel Lost. A love story to make you fall in love again.

Before He Was the Matchless Monkey King by Preeyakit Buranasin.

A Journey through the Bazaar by Kritika Mishra.

Fettered Fancy by Rana Junaid Mustafa Gohar.



Note on Work:

At Southlit we publish work as received. This means that we do not edit work for minor errors. Our unfunded volunteer team lacks the time to make these edits or to converse with the author to see if it was a deliberate decision. The one exception is that we may work with second language writers to help them say what they want to say.

Please note all work whether writing or pictures remains the copyrighted work of its authors. Everything published in Southlit is done so under license from the copyright owners.

The independent offshoot of Eastlit and Southlit journals, The International Writers Group can be found on Google+.

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