South Asian Creative Writing

Southlit: Journal of literature and artwork focused on South Asia. Picture: Marghala Hills Islamabad by Dave HopkinsThe first issue of Southlit will be out on July 15, 2014.  Southlit will be a sister journal to Eastlit the successful online journal of creative writing and artwork focused on East and South East Asia. Southlit though will concentrate on South Asian creative writing and artwork.

South Asian creative writing now already holds a place amongst the most important literature worldwide. There are also a myriad of journals dedicated to South Asian literature. However, there still remain a multitude of talented writers of South Asian creative writing who remain unnoticed across the the region. adopting the missions of Eastlit, Southlit will concentrate on providing a platform for the creative writing and artwork of these unknown writers,poets and artists as well as already published and even famous ones. Following on from the Eastlit goals, Southlit will aim to publish several previously unpublished writers in each issue.

We already have a nice and large selection of submissions of South Asian creative writing for the first issue. However, we are still taking submissions for both this first issue of Southlit and for later issues. If you want to submit work, take a look at our submissions page. Please also do share this information if you know others who may be interested.

So following on in the traditions of great authors and poets of South Asian creative writing, and also the traditions of Eastlit, we hope that we can we can bring a varied and interesting selection of works from across the region.

Having said this mostly about South Asian creative writing, we also want to mention artwork. Southlit like Eastlit recognizes the complimentary connections between art forms. As such we also hope to be able to bring our readers an interesting and varied selction of artwork focusing on the region of South Asia.




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