I See a Sparkle

by Sumant Poddar

I can see a sparkle in the clouds of thunder,
May be an event of thoughts, but not a blunder;
Those flying clouds in the morning air,
Those tiny dots of moisture, a love affair;
Why the mornings have such a beautiful look?
Just like a picture, out of a book;

Suddenly, I see a glimpse, so dark,
Reminded me of an old tree bark,
All the wonderful clouds, are seen running,
Somewhere down, something is burning,
I get a jolt and then a shiver down,
Colors gone, everything so brown;

I close my eyes in shame,
Feelings, all up in flame,
Scared in the storm, to open my eyes,
I feel a pull, telling me good byes,
My eyes moisten, my lips dry,
A shout comes out like a cry;

My inner-self tells me a tale,
‘Get up young humane, don’t be so frail,
You are just dreaming black,
Wake up and fill the crack,
Life is to live and love,
See outside, waiting is a beautiful dove’;

In a push, which I had never felt,
Such a situation, never had I dealt,
Coming back to myself once again was good,
It was an escape, out from the hood;

Once again, I could see a sparkle in the clouds of thunder,
An event of thought, certainly, not a blunder…..


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